Why Are Adult Coloring Books So Popular?

Adult coloring books have become the rage. Why and what are the benefits? A few years ago in Scotland, Johanna Basford, a designer was asked to do a coloring book for children and did one for adults instead. Coloring reinforces the neuron connections between both sides of the brain and shuts down the organizing frontal lobe resulting in relaxation. Learn more about Johanna in this article.

The Happiness That Springs From a Clean House

Some time ago I read the book The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. It is a 12-month guide to finding satisfaction and happiness in life. Well, after I finished it, I did not feel happy but just flat out angry. Today I decided to try it again.

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler is a wonderful, creative work that is guaranteed to grab your attention and your imagination. Fowler takes all of the wonderful elements of a novel and weaves them into a fantastic plot filled with thought provoking characters and circumstances. From first page until the last my mind engaged with complete concentration.

Book Review: Aarushi

The Aarushi Talwar murder and trial took India by storm. To date, the Aarushi Talwar murder case is the most controversial case when it comes to murders of young people.

The Astronauts Wives Club – A True Story

The Astronaut Wives Club is not only the story of extraordinary women who were placed in the spotlight when their husbands became America’s first men in space, the storyline is a time capsule of family life in the Leave it to Beaver 1960’s to the Women’s lib 1970’s, two decades when American families were dramatically changing. First astronaut wife Marge Slayton who died in 1989, once said about the Astronaut Wives Club that she started, “We were all finding our way through an experience that was a first – that of being astronaut wives and with the husbands away, we felt the need to support each other. So we began monthly coffees.”

Must Read Books For Every Book Lover

The DaVinci Code is one of the best mystery and detective novels which is still read by thousands of book followers. Scripted by Dan Brown in the year 2003, the book is based on a mysterious murder inside the Louvre Museum in Paris which is followed by symbologist Robert Langdon and cryptologist Sophie Naveu.

The Narrator’s Point of View

The best mystery novels, whether told by a first person or a third person, can read and feel very different from one another indeed. It all depends on the perspective of the narrator… his or her point of view.

Two Old Women: A Book Review

“Two Old Women” is a great book about Alaskan Athabaskan culture. It highlights interesting cultural themes of strength, endurance, and cooperation.

How To Learn Chess In An Hour With Graham Thompson

Graham Thompson’s promise is that readers will learn how to play winning chess from his book. It’s a tough expectation to meet. The book begins with a brief introduction in which Graham outlines why he decided to write the book (to take revenge on his brother-in-law for shaming him during a chess match) and moves on to the basics of how pieces move on the board.

Quiet: By Susan Cain – A Review (The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking)

Susan Cain’s book elucidates some of the deepest elements of the human character that are neither Western nor Eastern, and neither masculine nor feminine. It is an eloquent and an endearing thesis not only on the essence of introversion but also on its virtues. The book has valuable lessons on how the world can exploit the strengths of those inclined to be Quiet.

A Review Of The Book: The Wizards Return By Michael Walsh

The Wizards Return has magic, breath-stopping fight scenes, laughter and a message that will have any young adult readers rethinking the world around them. It is a true fantasy adventure that will have young readers asking for more.

My Top Ten Books Of 2014

I attempted to integrate more classics into my 2014 reading list, along with business, fiction, historical non-fiction, health and science fiction. With such diverse genres, it’s difficult to assemble my top 10 books of 2014, that said, here’s my list.

JONES Versus GENESIS – Preface

This series of articles provide a chapter by chapter review of The Serpent’s Promise – British evolutionist professor Steve Jones’ latest attempt to belittle the Bible and delay the inevitable demise of Darwinism. The book is dedicated to the memory of his great grand-father, Rev William Morgan, who, we are informed, was a Christian preacher for some forty years. I wonder what Morgan would think of his great grandson’s book and the fact that he has been voted Secularist of the Year?

Book Review: B Is for Burglar

This book is the second in a series of mystery novels written by Sue Grafton. Kinsley Millhone is a single young woman who has a private detective agency. Business is often quite slow for her and she has to pay her bills even though she doesn’t always like the cases that she has taken on for investigation.

‘Pilots On Food Stamps’ Highlights

There are careers that are considered to be high in terms of value for what they can pay. A piloting career is one of the most lucrative and it attracts thousands, even though only a few make it. Ask any child what they wish to be when they grow up and a pilot will be the answer for most of them. However, the grass is not always greener as it looks in the piloting world. This is a revelation that has been made thanks to the book ‘Pilots on Food Stamps-An Inside Look at Why Your Flight Got Cancelled”. It is a book that is authored by Ben Mandell.

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