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“The Minister’s Black Veil”: A Review

Nathaniel Hawthorne was a novelist and short story writer born in 1804 in Salem, Massachusetts. The majority of Hawthorne’s works were concentrated on New England Puritanism accentuating on moral allegories and his works portrayed messages of deep psychological complexity. He belonged to the Romantic movement particularly Dark Romanticism for his themes illustrate inner evil and sin of humanity. Hawthorne suffered from a heavy past that reflected in his writings as his grandfather, a judge of the Salem witch trials, was guilty of innocent deaths.

Book Review: The Venetian’s Wife by Nick Bantock

Nick Bantock presents a tale about a modern day explorer, a ghost, intricate computer systems and a quest to completing the final pieces of a priceless, secret collection. This book is for those who like to learn about art and sculpture, and what it must be like to travel the world and protect precious artifacts from the wrong hands.

Write A Book – At My Age

Here I am, in my late 60’s, looking to do more. Life is full of surprises and this was certainly one for me. I never thought I would pick up a pen and write ideas that were in my head, then typing them out and submitting it to a publisher. Will wonders ever cease?

The Color Purple by Alice Walker: A Short Summary

Alice Walker was born in 1944 in Eaton, Georgia and after a poverty-stricken childhood, entered the University of Sarah-Lawrence, one of the prestigious in the USA. At the end of the 60s, she settled down in Mississippi to teach and published her first collection of poems, Once. Her novel, The Third Life of Grange Copeland, described the contradictory effects of misery on two generations of Afro- Americans and Meridian, was one of the best novels on the civil rights movement. She was nominated for the National Book Award for her second collection of poetry, Revolutionary Petunias but with the publication of The Color Purple, she acquired worldwide fame by obtaining it.

The Strange Case of The Book of the Arab

This article explores the bizarre case of The Book of the Arab first mentioned in The Necronomicon Anti-FAQ by Colin Low. The Book of the Arab was allegedly authored by Justin Geoffry, and published by Starry Wisdom Press. The Book of the Arab is a mysterious text which claims to reveal the history of the Necronomicon, a fabled grimoire invented by H.P. Lovecraft.

How To Read Kindle Books For Free: Amazon App Allows Users To Read On PCs, Smartphones And Tablets

Did you know you can read Kindle books for free without actually buying a Kindle? Amazon has released a free app which allows users to download Kindle books on phones, tablets and PCs. Amazon’s Kindle app uses Whispersync technology which enables users to download any book instantly, it literally takes seconds for your book to appear. You can also add bookmarks as well as make notes and highlights across any of the devices you use the app on, including the Kindle if you happen to have one. This means you can read a book on your phone, add a bookmark, then pick up where you left off on any of your other devices.

The Hunger Games: More Than Just a Story

The Hunger Games is a science fiction novel that was written by Suzanne Collins. Suzanne Collins hails from the United States of America. The novel stars the female protagonist named Katniss Everdeen.

Hitching Rides With Buddha – A Journey Through Japan

Even when the journey is uncomfortable and tests our boundaries, hindsight always gift us with an appreciation for the experience. In Hitching Rides with Buddha, author Will Ferguson takes the experience of the journey-in this case a weeks-long hitchhiking expedition through Japan-and weaves it into a fascinating tale about the subtleties of Japanese culture.

The City-State of Sparta in Ancient Greece

Sparta also known as Lacedaemon, was a land city in the extreme south of continental Greece with an archaic fortress folded up proudly on itself in the fertile valley of the Eurotas that took its source in the mountains of Arcadia. The only true Spartans or equals were the descendants of the Dorian conquerors who invaded this part of the Peloponnesus and subjugated the local population. Sparta already existed in the Mycenaean Age under king Menelaus, the brother of Agamemnon of the legendary house of Atreus and Homer’s Iliad, related the Trojan war that began when Paris of Troy took Helen, the wife of Menelaus. This city-state different from the others characterized itself as a distinctive polis that exulted on the ideology of radical equality although there were separation of class and status in Spartan society.

They All Laughed: Anecdotes From the Lives of the Great Scientists

Behind every invention there will be a story. Those who dig could find it! It is indeed a pleasure to read anecdotes from the lives of the great men! And rarely we could find a good book that gives anecdotes only, especially from the lives of the great scientists. The book under review titled ‘They all laughed’ is fulfilling our search towards that direction Written by Ira Flatow, the book consists of 24 chapters that covers the fascinating stories behind the great inventions from light bulbs to lasers.

Review of The Art of Approaching by Joseph Mathews

Most romantic and relationship problems start with the problem and difficulty of approaching a woman. And as long as you are an honest man, you would have had your own share and experiences of the difficulty of approaching a woman for the very first time. With the book – The Art of Approaching by Joseph Mathews, you are taught to be a winner with all women, at all possible times.

The Review Of Fireworks With Females By Slade Shaw

Fireworks with Females is a 215 pages book on the dynamics of meeting, dating and keeping women with ease and fun. This book is written by Slade Shaw and Mirabelle Summers, two authors that have proved themselves to be masters of seduction. These authors have written other books like Connect and Commit, Conversation Chemistry, Supreme Self Confidence among other bestsellers, and this latest book, Fireworks with Females proves to be a testimony to the fact that these two are dynamic experts on matters of the heart, especially on how to win the hearts of women.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: The Beginning of Success

Before there was the Harry Potter movie released the Sorcerer’s Stone, there was the British novel by Joan Kathleen Rowling; Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. The book was first published in June 26, 1996, almost two decades after the final Harry Potter movie; the Deathly Hallows ended the popular franchise.

Book Review: The Twentieth Wife by Indu Sundaresan

A review of Indu Sundaresan’s novel, “The Twentieth Wife.” Was a story of love, politics, and ancient history able to be successfully incorporated?

Book Review: Mezcalaria, The Cult of Mezcal by Ulises Torrentera

Mezcalaria, The Cult of Mezcal is the most comprehensive multidisciplinary book of its kind. It draws from both historical and contemporary sources, and brings together social, anthropological, legal and enthobotanical literature on the spirit as well as detailing pulque and the agave plant in general. While at times overly opinionated, author Ulises Torrentera otherwise does a masterful job.

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