How To Ranking Videos On YouTube With Proof

Hey guys welcome back to vid society. I know it’s been a while, since i’ve made a video, i’ve got other channels. I’Ve been working on a lot over the past few months, and this is one of them. Actually, it’s a crypto channel that i’m making where i just do quick overviews review type videos of recent projects going on. But what i want to talk about in this video is a new strategy that i’ve been using to rank these videos to get.

My videos suggested more and to get a whole lot more views sent to them, which is really also boosting my subscribers. So i’ve only had this channel uh up and running really for the past month month and a half of making these newer videos. The channel itself is probably well you can see here. These are four months ago. Uh, but recently is when i really started picking up on this channel and doing a lot to it and growing it, and it’s already jumped substantially in subscribers and views.

So what i want to do is let me jump in here to the channel and you can see here six days ago i reached 5000 subscribers over 1700 in the past 20 days, and my estimated revenue is 433 dollars. This is going up a lot uh every day. It’S jumping, it seems like 30, 40, 50 a day. In fact, if we go over to my analytics you’re going to see here, the views, the watch time, the subscribers and my estimated revenue, and if we go to our revenue, you can see here where back on february, the 8th earlier this month is when i really Started releasing these videos and my channel started off on the first day on the 8th at dollar 78. Then it went up to 16 and it’s gradually been going up every single day and i hit 50 on the 21st a few days ago, and then it went back down to 45 so right now.

This is where i’m kind of at at this point – and this here is a 1500 a month – income that i’ve built up in the period of just one month less than one month actually, and i have plans to grow this channel much much bigger than what it Is in fact i have several channels like this that i’ve been working on, and so what i want to do is i want to show you guys what i’ve been doing to grow this channel, a service that i’ve been using, that you guys can use too to Help you to drastically boost your views and to get your videos out there in front of a whole lot more people on youtube. Alright, so first i want to show you a little bit of proof. So you know this works for those of you who are in my yt marketer course. You already know some ranking strategies that i use in there that i’m not going to reveal in this video. This is something that i do additional on top of that now, if you guys are really looking to get into serious youtube marketing, uh, quick monetization of your channels and really outranking your competitors, then take a look at ytmarketer.

I’ll Put that link below this video in a coupon code if you’re interested in picking it up. So this here is one of the projects that i recently reviewed, called quanik review, and my video is right here at number two. This is another one called the fino dial review. I am ranked number one for that monastery finance.

I am ranked number one meta farmer, finance number one – nordic review number one titano review number one. This is actually a huge project here: crow nodes review number one and libero financial number one. So all these videos um what i’m doing to make these stick long term – is this service that i’m using? That is really getting. It noticed a lot more, and so that’s what i want to show you what i’m doing here.

So let me go ahead and drag it over okay. So this is the service that i’m using and i’m going to put the link for this below this video, because right now, the only way you can subscribe to the particular part of this service that i’m going to be showing you is through the link under this Video, if you try to go to this website here, it’s going to take you to where you subscribe to get access to all this stuff here that you probably have no idea what it is, how it works. That’S another video for another time, but the part that i’m going to be showing you here is called stacker, and this is what you can subscribe to. So stacker uses the internal accounts within this platform to go out and search and watch your videos now. Currently, there are over a hundred and twenty five thousand accounts in this platform, and what you do is you set up a campaign and this campaign is set up to go out and have these accounts to go out?

They use residential ips. So it’s as if they are actual people on their youtube accounts, uh from home or a public place, and they go out and search the keywords you want: they find the video it clicks on it. It watches it. It watches roughly about 50 percent of it. Sometimes more, which is really all you need and when you do that so many times youtube picks up on that in its algorithm, and it starts showing your video a lot more within youtube itself.

On the home page, the recommended and the suggestions. Let me show you real quick if i go back over here and if we go to reach and scroll down, you can see here that 50 of all searches are on youtube, but over here 49.8 percent from youtube recommending your content. This is huge. This is how you get in front of all those people on the home page of youtube to really get more exposure.

If we hover over this, you can see here youtube recommending your content, 49.8 recommended on watch, page 27 recommended on home, page 22.1, and so this is how i’m i’m really building up. This channel is using this service here. So let me show you how this works and i’ll show you how much it costs, because there’s three separate plans.

You can get involved in they’re reoccurring every month. So when you get access to this, if you sign up through one of those links below, you may see all this stuff over here, but you’re only going to have access to this part here that says stacker, so you’re going to click on stacker and you’re, going To go to campaigns now, obviously, for you there’s not going to be anything here, so what you want to do is come up and click on create new campaign and you’re going to name it. So for this one, let’s say one of these videos wasn’t ranked number one. I think it was this one here is ranked number two. So let’s say i want to try to boost this one up to number one.

What i would do is, i would first give it a name. So i’m going to name this. I’Ve already done one campaign on this i’ll name, it quanik 2. So, like a second campaign and i’m going to choose views now, i just want to give you a heads up, because i know the owner of this platform uh, but he has created an insane platform using this and he has plans for this particular part of it. For views to also be adding subscribers and shares in the future, so i don’t know if it’s going to be next week next month, three months, i don’t know how long it’s going to be, but i do know they are working on it.

Okay, so after you do this make sure views here is automatically selected. So that’s your only option you’re going to go to next step and then here you’re going to make sure you’re on single video and then youtube video, url or video id. So what you’re going to do here is you’re just going to come up here and you’re, going to click on your video and you’re, going to grab the link up here and copy it and paste it now youtube video title so down here. It says we will try to find your youtube video by searching using these keywords. So what you’re going to do is you’re going to paste in the video title here and then the keywords you want this to search for, to find it, and by putting in this title it’s going to help to make sure it identifies the right video when it’s Searching for it, so what you want to do is come back over to your video and copy the whole title and paste it and then what keywords you want to rank for.

So for this one we’ll do quantic review and maybe even quantic, i’m not sure. If i’m ranking for that or not, let me close this and i’m just going to open up a new incognito window here and type in quonic and see if i’m ranking. And surprisingly, i am i’m like the only video. It looks like that’s ranking for this crypto project. There’S another one down here and one here, but you can see uh the power of this, how it’s it’s picking this up, even over top of all this other.

Whatever this quantic is here, it looks like maybe an album or something, and it’s putting my video clear up here, so i want this to rank higher too and actually what i think i’ll do is. I want that to be the first keyword and then we’ll do uh quantic review for the second one or actually we’re supposed to comma separate them. I would only recommend doing one or two keywords at the most they’re going to give you the most benefits. Total views per video, so this is pretty important and i learned this really quick, so this is a credits based system and it uses so many credits per view based upon how long your video is. The reason they have to do this before is because they use a very high quality residential ip system and every minute costs them money because you’re using this, the bandwidth from the system.

So the longer your videos are the more credits it’s going to use. My recommendation for these for making these videos is to make it between 1 and 10 minutes. If you do, your credits are going to be half as much as what they are, as if you make them 11 to 15 minutes or even longer. So if you go over 11 minutes, you’re gon na blow through your credits really fast, so i recommend doing one to ten minute long, videos and down here total views per video. You can do as little as 100 if you want.

What i like to do is around 300 to 400, so for this one here, i’m just going to do 300 and then i want it to be spread out over a period of say three days. So this is going to give me a hundred views per day where these these accounts are going to go out, search, find my video and watch it. You can see here it’s going to use a total of 3 000 credits, so all i have to do is click save and go to next step, and it’s just going to confirm here i’m going to turn this on. You have to turn this on or it will not start and click save stacker. Now, when you do this, it’s going to take a little bit for it to start running, i don’t know, maybe a half an hour to an hour, sometimes that not that long.

I guess depends on how busy the overall platform is, but just give it time just let it go and it’ll all get done now, sometimes with videos. I’Ve even tested this several times on videos where i would do 300 and just do them all in one day and that can really help you to get in the suggested videos a lot more because your video is getting a whole lot more attention and a less Amount of time so youtube thinks hey. This is a popular video, so it’s getting a lot of attention. We’Re gon na promote it. We’Re gon na put it on the home page.

The suggested recommended videos so just keep that in mind too test test it play around with it, alright guys. So let’s talk about the pricing so over the past three to four weeks, i’ve did about 20 videos and i’ve used the service on all 20 of them, and i started off with a hundred thousand credits and i’m down to 3 600 So that ought to give you an idea of how many credits you’re going to be using and how many you need now based on that. These are the plans that are going to be available. There’S a starter plan for 47 a month and that’s going to give you 40 000 credits. The pro plan is 97.

7 a month. That’S the one that i’m currently on i’ll probably have to be upgrading to this one. Soon, though, because i’m using about a hundred thousand credits a month right now, then the enterprise is 197 a month for 200 000 credits, these credits that you get every month they do not roll over. So you want to be sure you try to use them all up by the end of the month. If you cancel your subscription, you lose your credits.

So keep that in mind. Now, inside of the dashboard, let’s say you purchased the uh pro plan for ninety seven dollars a month and you got a hundred thousand credits and you use them all up, but you need more well within the dashboard. You can go down here and buy additional credits. They are more expensive to do it this way than if you pay monthly to subscribe. So, to give you an idea for to buy a pack of 50 000 credits, it’s gon na cost you a hundred dollars to get almost fifty thousand credits on subscription.

It’S going to cost you about half the price, so the subscription based plan is much cheaper than coming in here and buying additional credits, and so that’s how it works. This is what i’m using. This is how my channel is getting a lot of traction very fast, and if my channel keeps going the way it is which i’m assuming it will, i would definitely be making 1500 at a minimum within the next 30 days. So the more videos i upload, the more it’s gon na grow and chances are by the end of next month. I’Ll definitely be up to about three to four thousand dollars a month.

At least that’s my goal, and i have several channels like this going now that i’m just constantly putting videos on so this is something to think about. If you want to get more exposure, more views and if you’re really wanting to build a business out of youtube. So i hope you enjoyed this video if you did, those links are below this video if you want to go check out um this service, if you want to check out my course the coupon codes down there along with it, if you have questions you can leave Them below otherwise, please feel free to subscribe to my channel and like this video and have a great weekend.

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