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MarketiBot Review:Fully Automate Free Traffic, Leads & Sales

World’s Easiest All-In-One Software For Passive Profits In ANY Niche FULLY AUTOMATE Free Traffic, Leads & Sales. All-Inclusive List Building, Engagement, eCommerce Stores & Messenger Marketing Suite

I want to do a review on my newest and third software called marketing bot. I just launched this on march 12th and it’s a software that will help you automate your online business you’re, going to be able to do a lot of things on this you’re going to be able to collect, leads through people that are engaging on your facebook posts Or pages on your instagram posts or pages anybody that ever interacts with them you’ll be able to grab their leads at the same time, you’ll be able to send out broadcast emails, sms’s messages flows in terms of a flow builder, where you’re going to be able to Interact with your users, whoever interacts with you you’ll, also be able to post and schedule posts, create your social posts from your dashboard box box schedule them to the pages that you want with a click of a button and post them at the time. A later time and everything and everything’s going to be all automated and interacting with each other and making it a live kind of like support um, you know just interacting with anything that is interacting with you. You don’t have to be there. You can set things up once and let it run, and this will help you build – leads – create a passive income.

If you actually build a small niche around on facebook and and start promoting things, maybe you have an offer of your own – maybe you’re selling ecom products. You can actually do drop shipping from our software using the e-com store builder, which is built inside that you can create, sell and control everything without paying any monthly fees. Usually, these party, these tools, will would have you paying monthly for the services they’re providing for you. We’Re offering this as a one-time price, so this is marketing bot and inside marketing. Bot you’re gon na find four sections where you’re gon na be able to start building your campaigns and putting them on autopilot.

It’S basically a chat bot that works with facebook. It works with instagram and, at the same time, you’ll be able to share post on other seven eight platforms, actually eight platforms, which is part of an upsell, etc. In the front front, part of the offer you’ll be able to actually use the facebook bot messenger and plus ecom store builder you’ll, be able to build a subscriber list where, with a with a click of a button, you’re going to be able to log into your Facebook and facebook will go out and grab all the pages that you created and from here you’re going to be able to turn it on and for the page that you have and then your bot will be ready for you to get started now. What happens is that you’ll come here into the comment section and you’ll be creating your templates for each of the niches and pages that you’re creating. So when somebody actually connects with you talks to you, you get a reply, sent back almost immediately instantly through our software.

So i just want to tell you that you know chat. Bots is used now from top marketers, and one post that i came through three days ago was basically uh, frank kern, which is probably known in our industry, where he’s actually testing out a chatbot okay, and it does exactly what we’re offering you now. This chatbot that he’s probably using he might be paying for it monthly, who knows, but it’s doing exactly what it what it says it’s doing, and you can see some examples on when somebody comments how nice, for example, i should get a reply back from his bot. Um almost automatically instantly, i’m hoping it’s going to work. I’Ve never posted on this specific one, but i know somebody else has and then his bot test it out now what happens when the interaction happens?

I’M just gon na, let it i’m gon na leave it. So it can run a little bit. Let me let me scroll down, maybe try this one here. Ah okay, so you can see that uh, frank kern, just liked my uh, my message, so that’s what my bot would do. This is happening right now and they will probably reply to me in just a certain second.

Okay, i’m just leaving it. You can see it’s live. You can see the little notification where uh frank curran is saying how nice uh he’s liking. My my post, which is right here so you can automate that, and so you don’t have to be there for this to happen. So i’m waiting for a little bit more because i’m waiting for the reply from frank kern and then from that reply, he’s going to be sending me a message: hey thanks, okay, so this was the post that i posted, where the interaction happened in real time and There we go so you see that right now he liked my post okay, so you can see that and then he sent me a dm all right almost automatically and he liked my post.

You can see that and now he’s gon na reply to this post as well. Okay, so i’m waiting for his reply he’s gon na he’s gon na. Let me know that he sent me a message just to check my message: messenger box, i’m pretty sure he’s going to do that. Now all these steps have been used by marketing bot software. I’M not saying he’s using my marketing bot, but it’s a similar product that he’s probably paying monthly for, and i’m just showing you this as an example that even top players in this industry are using marketing bot for their um for for their um their campaigns.

So i’m still waiting for a reply on this, but if i go into uh the comments in the past um, you see one of my posts was here on here because i i it caught my eye. I interacted with him and he replied back, but i was also promoting marketing bot on his page. Okay. It was probably the one of the first ones that actually uh commented it’s pretty and they might have removed my post because i was promoting an offer, but i think it was here. Okay, here we go so this was a reply back to me and thanks for having a look at myself, i just built a chat bit thingy.

He called it bit. Thingy have a look at your dms and see if it works, so here’s the dm and then what he’s doing from here is taking me over uh to for me to accept. So he got me as a lead right now and then automatically. He saying he’s sending me stuff, so here we go get the class takes you over to a landing page where he’s collecting leads as well, okay – and from here he’s taking me over to an offer. This is how he’s making money off you, and this is how you could be doing the same thing using marketing bot, so i just showed you an example of how you would be using marketing bot uh as a com, auto command reply, etc.

You create your automation, uh through your uh bot, and you have your reply: template that you’re going to create and choose the page that you want to create, and then you you set it up. Okay, you set it all up here. It’S pretty cool! Okay! That’S one!

Uh one of the many features that we’re offering is the comment, auto reply and engagement. At the same time, you also get to grab that lead when they interact with you and the dm. So, for example, if that was frank, kern right now um, he would probably scan all his inboxes of who interacted with whatever it will push in uh right now. I don’t have any uh subscribers in this one, but he would basically um he will enter. He will grab those um subscribers.

I already done it for my my pages and everything so there’s nothing really for me to uh to choose from, but i just wanted to show you that it was scan and okay found one one subscriber and from that subscriber or subscribers that you’re going to be Getting you’re going to be able to send them out, um emails or sms’s, etc. Okay, we’ve got the messenger bot section where you set up your messenger bot. Again, click of a button set up your templates and create everything that you need from here. I don’t want to go into it in detail, but it’s basically setting up your auto uh bots, etc. Then you can broadcast, send the emails out sms’s if the, if you’re, collecting, uh phone numbers and everything um you’ve got your flow builder.

The flow builder is automating. Everything so if somebody comes to your pages, you’ve got templates, you can be using and using this template will will add it to your page that you want and uh, and then this is like a a bot that helps you set up with a chat thing here, Where people are going to be interacting uh either you send them a text, the choice, it’s all here, um, it’s a drag and drop. So if you triggered something from a specific keyword which is like mlm, then you’ll get a welcome thing and then it just you get the point right. It takes them all through these steps, all right, just like what we’ve seen what frank kern did here right. I interacted with him he interacted with me back.

It happened on autopilot and got me uh and is i’m going through that flow, and this flow was basically him sending me an offer or etc this, and that okay and our amazing feature in this is basically our um our ecom store creator. Now you can basically build a proper ecom store online. Where you can put your products, you can drop ship. You can uh your orders, your checkouts, the points everything is here. Um, it’s pretty cool.

Anybody can sell items. Now you don’t need to pay monthly fees. No shopify, no, whatever you’re paying monthly for this is going to help you set up your own business and start selling stuff. I mean it doesn’t get better than that and inside my training, i’ve i’ve got a a training inside uh marketing bot, where i’m teaching you how you can actually make money by using the ecom er store, build i’ll show you very easy trick that anybody can get Started today and start drop shipping and using the store at your advantage. Okay, it’s all here in this video it’s about 17 to 18 minutes long teaching, you exactly what you need to do.

I’M also teaching you how you can make money with clickbank products on facebook using marketing bot that you can get started. So this is a huge part of you: saving a lot of money and being able to sell whatever you want online. Okay, by the way, marketing bot is also approved from facebook and instagram, and it’s uh we’re good to go. There’S no we’re not doing anything unethical we’re following everything that facebook provides us with apis and stuff. Like that, you do social posting as well from your dashboard.

You can create any multimedia post, cta, post, carousel video post, and you can basically post them on your facebook pages, etc or whatever it is. You’Re working with okay, very cool stuff, just create a new post and you’ll be able to see how things look. Link image. Video etc. Okay, you can schedule this to go out, so you can schedule your post for your for your clients for your businesses, it’s all here and you can also import, but this is an upsell just so you know this is called our marketing bot max where you’re gon Na be importing twitter accounts, linkedin accounts, reddit accounts, blog accounts, wordpress accounts, wordpress, site self hosted and medium accounts.

Okay, so you can you can post schedule and get your word around, get people to interact with you, so you can start collecting, leads and all that great stuff? Okay, so it’s all inside marketing bot! This is marketing bot. Okay, now i am offering some bonuses inside your your account and uh. These bonuses are basically on the sales page as well.

These are bonuses that i’ve i’ve found and got for you to help you in your online career as uh as you’re doing marketing. So i’m gon na be showing you how you can make instant profit with instagram, since we have that feature social marketing, uh media marketing in general for all newbies you’ll know what you need to be doing inside social medias. If you want to promote clickbank offers, i’m giving you another report and training to show you how to do that as well, plus the video that i have inside drop shipping how to get started with drop shipping. This is great for newbies email marketing, because you’re going to be broadcasting, we’ve got templates, so you can be using your campaigns. You can be creating through your dashboard, it’s like a built-in autoresponder, so you can take control of it and send the stuff that you want to do, and some templates for you to use extra templates from the ones that we providing for you inside marketing bot.

Okay. So this is going to be a one-time price. It’S right now, it’s a one-time price, it’s very affordable and i think everybody should pick it up because it will help you in general and in the long run, okay. So i’m here to help you the i always bring out uh a good software that uh lasting okay, so it’s gon na be around i’m just not going anywhere. This is my uh software.

Together with my partner lilith, we release this to help. You automate your business online. We’Ve got amazing customer support as well site write your problems and support ticket, and the support team is now i have a team will be taking care of your requests and everything else that you might need other than that i’ll be sending you also free training in The following weeks, once you’re inside and that’s all that’s all i have for you. I hope you enjoyed this video and review for marketing bot. This is my third software launch and i’m looking forward to having you on board, don’t forget.

Price will be going up. It might go monthly because we do have servers, we need to pay right now, it’s at the lowest price, monthly, uh, not monthly, one-time fee and etc. So, thank you and i’ll talk to you inside marketingbot


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