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Started Painting The New Desk With Husband!

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What Is It About Awesome Books?

There are a lot of things that make books cool. People appreciate books for their own individual reasons, as well for the most obvious of reasons, which are common for reading as a rule. But what makes cool books? Well read on!

Book Review: Vintage Veronica by Erica Perl

If you are into vintage flannel, embroidered patterns, lace and all things vintage, you might just enjoy reading Vintage Veronica. If you are a confessed collector and frequent “visitor” of the flea market, then this might just be the bedtime reading that you need.

Born in a Small Town, Died From Success

I have read a lot of lists of “best books” but so far I have not seen Peyton Place on any of them. Wait! Don’t hang up yet.

Book To Learn Social Comedy – 3 Reasons Why You Need To Learn Humor

Haven’t you noticed how people tend to gravitate towards a person who has a great sense of humor? This person doesn’t have to be the best looking one in the group or even the one with the coolest gadgets or accessories. Most people believe that a sense of humor is an inborn thing and that there is nothing they can do to develop this skill.

A Review of “PROOF OF HEAVEN: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey Into the After Life” by Dr Eben Alexander

If you have ever wondered if life after death is a myth or for real then you may find ‘Proof of Heaven; A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the afterlife’ an interesting read. Written by Dr Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon with vast experience spanning several years, and having trained at the prestigious Duke University, taught and practiced at Harvard. One would naturally expect Dr Eben to be capable of rendering insights on the workings and capabilities of the Human brain.

The Most Popular Fiction Authors in America By Number of Sales

It is no surprise that the bestselling fiction books written by Americans are by 20th century authors, nor is it surprising that they are of the male persuasion. However, you may be a bit astonished by some of the people in the top forty and by the lack of clear records in determining this ever-changing list.

Virgil’s Hero, Aeneas

Virgil (October 15, 70 BC – September 21, 19 BC), was ranked as one the greatest poets of Rome and his Aeneid was the national epic of Ancient Rome. When the Roman armies conquered the remnants of Alexander’s empire in 168 BCE, they also conquered the Greek city states but soon realized the uniqueness of what they had overcome. Virgil’s view had a sense of what it is to be Roman and he undertook the project of building this through the mythic form of epic poetry on Homer.

The Tudor Dynasty

“A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse” – these words in Shakespeare’s Richard III tolled the knell of the Plantagenet Dynasty when Henry Tudor vanquished its last king on Bosworth Field in1485; the last act of the War of Roses. This conflict was a series of civil wars opposing the defenders of two rival branches, Lancaster and York of the royal House of Plantagenet, for the throne of England. The heraldic symbols were the red rose for Lancaster and the white rose for York. These hostilities were marked by a ferocity and brutality practically unknown in the history of English wars before and since.

The Kindle Paperwhite – Best Of Its Kind!

There are a lot of great things about the Kindle. If you have not yet purchased one already, here are some things to think about!

Buy A Kindle, Or Buy A Nook?

There are a lot of great things about the Kindle. If you have not yet purchased one already, here are some things to think about!

4 Reasons Why We Love The Kindle!

There are a lot of great things about the Kindle. If you have not yet purchased one already, here are some things to think about!

The Art Of Racing In The Rain

“We are all afforded our physical existence so we can learn about ourselves. So I understand why Denny, on a deeper level, allowed this situation to befall him.

The Greek Bronze Age: Crete and Mycenae

Crete Since the 6th century BC, the island of Crete was conquered by a people of an unknown origin and towards the 2nd century BC evolved into a prosperous and glorious civilization. Excavations disclosed non fortified and impressive palaces illustrating a refined luxury with a rich decoration of a very liberal artistic expression that demonstrated an epoch full of life and happiness. Towards 1700 BC, Knossos became the centre of this brilliant Aegean culture but many documents written in the linear A script have unfortunately not yet been elucidated.

An Extraordinary Journey of Pi

Truly, it seems God has chosen Yann Martel to live up to his nickname “Pi” when he found himself utterly lost in a circle, in the midst of deep sapphire. Life of Pi is a mystical reading event with Yann’s creative and unforgettable, an eternal navy expanse of storytelling about escapade, endurance and ultimately faith.

The Fun Book of NLP

NLP Workbook is one of the best ways for personal growth. NLP stands for neuro-linguistic programming, and through this e book, author Philip Miller teaches the basics of NLP with simplified language and amusing illustrations. It is an innovative method of communication, personal development and psychotherapy that originated in the 1970s.

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