reviews-bonuses Book Reviews tier-ranking every classic book (so you know which ones to read)

tier-ranking every classic book (so you know which ones to read)

tier-ranking every classic book (so you know which ones to read) post thumbnail image

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from charles dickens and jane austen to oscar wilde and sylvia plath, it’s time for the final boss of tier-ranking: rating the classics.

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Book Review: Ford Madox Ford’s Novel’ The Good Soldier’

Ford Madox Ford is one of those writers whose life spanned two centuries. He was born in 1873 and died in 1939. His novel ‘A good Soldier: Tale of Passion’ was written in 1915 and is rated as one of the great books of the twentieth century.

The Poetical Works of Tiruloka Sitaram With Translation and Notes

Tiruloka Sitaram was a great writer, poet and journalist. This book has 55 of his selected poems. Dr T.N.Ramachandran duly translated the Tamil poems. We find that the thoughts of Donne and Coleridge are less powerful than those of Shakespeare who however finds a match in Tiruloka Sitaram. Tiruloka Sitraram assumed himself as a spiritual son of the great Tamil poet Subramanya Bharathi even though he had never seen him.

Sidney Sheldon’s The Tides of Memory: A Book Review

Have you heard of the author, Sidney Sheldon? Each of his highly renowned books has hit No. 1 on the New York Times bestseller list, and millions and millions of copies of his books have been sold all over the world. Needless to say, he is a master storyteller. Here I provide a book review of one of his awesome novels, “The Tides of Memory.” Look inside.

Book Review of Mystery at the Blue Sea Cottage

The following article is a book review of Mystery at the Blue Sea Cottage. This is a debut true crime novel by author James Stewart.

Punjab Patwari Exam Preparation [2018-19]

Punjab Patwari Exam Preparation[2018-19]:- This Article will help you to be A Futuristic Patwari of Punjab Government. Early Strategy for Punjab Patwari will help you to crack this exam. In this article you will find many books which will helpful you to crack this exams.

Introduction to K-Means Clustering in Data Science

The K-K form is a type of unauthorized learning that is used to describe the data (i.e. lack of information about categories or groups).

Review of Janet Bloom’s Book Co-Parenting Hell: Raising Healthy Kids With a Narcissistic Ex

The author describes the book a based on her experiences but refers to the American Psychiatric Association and professional writings she cites. The book presents as a combination of memoir and handbook for other parents in her situation.

Review of Saw the Forest by Patrick L. McConnell

The following article is a review of Saw the Forest by author Patrick L. McConnell. A well written work of fiction, the book leaves quite an impression.

The Miraculous Lives in Your Consciousness of Righteousness

In the breakthrough book, “The Consciousness of Righteousness: How to Release God’s Power Within You!” readers come to understand that God’s supernatural power is already within everyone who believes on the Lord Jesus Christ. Most of us live in the consciousness of sin; constantly thinking of and trying to avoid sin. However, Joseph explains that at salvation, Jesus exchanged our sinfulness with His righteousness and all we need to do is realize and actualize that state of consciousness: the consciousness of His righteousness. Once you come to live in a consciousness of righteousness, you become the likeness of Christ. The Consciousness of Righteousness—Just Live It!

Book Review of The Friends of Allan Renner

The following article is a review of the book The Friends of Allan Renner by author David J. Andrae. This work is his debut novel.

Review of The Gene Rasp by Patrick L. McConnell

The following article is a review of science fiction novel, The Gene Rasp by author Patrick L. McConnell. The book offers readers an intriguing look into a utopian future.

Breaking Generational Curses – Claiming Your Freedom (Book Review)

This book will open your eyes to the consequences of all our actions to our destiny and that of our children; even those yet unborn. The subject of curses has long been neglected, and we found it necessary to expose them. We begin by going into the scriptures to know exactly what God has to say about them, how they operate, and how we can be free from them completely. Generational curses are so important that God included them in the table of the Ten Commandments. It is a fact that many, including Christians today, are suffering under the consequences of disobeying Gods commandments and expectations. So many are bound by the enemy with unseen and unidentifiable instruments of bondage. In this study, we will be taught how to break these chains which originate from the enemy. We explore deeper into areas like idolatry, Halloween, immorality, treachery, stealing, murder, etc. I believe that as you read this book and explore its truths, there will be a stirring in you to examine your self and make deliberate efforts to live a holy life, if not for your self, at least for the sake of your children and the generations yet unborn

Book Review of Harbor’s Edge by Sanne Rothman

The following article is a review of a new YA thriller, Harbor’s Edge. Penned by author Sanne Rothman, this book does well to capture the attention of its readers.

The Japanese American Story As Told Through A Collection of Speeches and Articles, A Story of Hope

The Japanese American Story As Told Through A Collection of Speeches and Articles is a book which includes much of the history of Americans and immigrants of Japanese heritage. They were placed into American concentration camps during World War II because of racism, hatred, and discrimination. They had hope for the future and were able to find light through the darkness. Their subsequent success and acceptance came because they persevered and did not give up hope.

Review of The Offspring

The following article is a book review of The Offspring by author Bill Pinnell. This is a literary drama that gives food for thought when it comes to human nature.

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