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Where to Buy Your Domain? Best Domain Name Registrars 2022

Where to Buy Your Domain? Best Domain Name Registrars 2022

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So you’re looking to build a website and one of the very first steps is purchasing a domain. So you may not be sure where you’re building your website yet is it a wordpress site? Is it with wix weebly, squarespace shopify, there’s tons of options for that, but what i recommend doing first, before making that decision is purchasing your domain and so what we’re going to talk about now are a couple common mistakes. I see people make and i’m going to show you a handful of different options of where you could purchase the domain, some of which i really like and others not so much, but they’re, probably options that you may have heard of before and some of which i Don’T actually recommend purchasing a domain from so with that said, why don’t we get into some of the common mistakes that people make? The very first mistake that i see people making a lot of the time is just buying the domain wherever they’re building their website.

So this is really great from a convenience sake, so building your website with squarespace, where our website is and purchasing the domain from there. It’S really convenient. There’S nothing to connect that process is really really easy, but you’re going to be spending a little bit more money for that convenience. What we recommend doing is actually purchase it somewhere else, but if you’re fine spending another 5 10 15 a year to have your domain and your website in the same place, hey it’s going to cut out a couple of headaches of actually connecting the things together. One of the things to keep in mind, especially with these options, which would be mistake, number two is not checking the renewal price.

So a lot of companies will give you a great offer for year one. But then you find out you’re two three, five: fifteen. Fifty you’re gon na be spending more money. So if you’re, not careful of reading the fine print or finding where it actually tells you the renewal price, you could be spending a lot more money in the following years and hopefully you’re successful your business and you want to have this website for a long time. The third mistake is not understanding the privacy protection who is guard and having to pay extra for so with a lot of different options out there you may get charged for them to not divulge your personal information to this whois database.

So the thing is, a lot of the companies will keep that private in the database. They put the domain, registrar, address phone number and all that information, and they don’t give away any of your personal information. Other businesses will charge you 10 or 15 a year to keep that information private. I guess, if you’re a business that has a physical location, your phone number email and all that is all public anyways. Maybe it’s not that big of a deal for you, but if you have a side hustle you work from home, something like that.

You probably don’t want to give away your home address and your phone number to anyone who wants to look it up on the internet. So, for me, the whois guard is important and it’s something you shouldn’t be paying extra for, and so those are the main mistakes of just buying it. Where you’re building your website not checking the renewal price and then lastly, paying extra for who is guard because you didn’t know what it was. It sounds like something: maybe you need and didn’t realize you can get it for free elsewhere. Okay, so the first option we’re gon na talk about today is godaddy, so godaddy is probably the largest company, at least in terms of their marketing budget.

So the thing is here is they have super bowl ads? They have nascar drivers, they have all sorts of crazy advertising. The ads are really good, their website’s really good. But the thing is it’s: not the cheapest option. There’S a lot of things.

It’S just not very clear. The pricing and there’s just tons and tons of upsells and so you’re going to see that when we get to their website, which looks like this so as you can see here here we are at, 14.

9, etc. So if we say, let’s look for jeffrey1234 go to search, and so what you can see here that just right off the bat kind of upsets me and was really really confusing. I was like wow just a dollar, and, and so the thing is with all the other websites you’re going to see they’re all quoted in years, and so i was just ignoring this slash month and was like a dollar for the domain for the first year. Like that’s good, sometimes you can find deals like that, but again, you’re being quoted monthly for this, maybe because the stuff below they’re trying to sell you some monthly offers for their website builders again getting into the upsells when you’re like i just want to buy a Domain and then you can see down here, jeffrey4 is only is 11
99, the normal first year price, and so this is the domain that i wanted. If i go to add to cart, let’s see what happens.

Okay, so i wanted it. It tells me for first year, but then what do we have here? Just buy it for two years, like i didn’t think i asked for that. Let’S go back to one year and you can see one of the things that godaddy does tell you. Clearly here is the renewal price, so you’re going to spend in 1899 for year two and beyond, and then we get into what i mentioned before on the privacy protection.

So the thing is godaddy for the longest time did not include any privacy protection when purchasing domains, and you had to pay for it. Now they kind of half. Do it so they’re going to give your company name and the state that you’re in is to the database and then they’re going to try to upsell you beyond that, and so it kind of helps, but maybe not as much as some of the other options that We’Re going to see – and so you can see they have this 10 year option right here, but if we go to continue to cart, let’s see what we have so there’s two different tiers of privacy protection. I don’t totally know and want to get into all the different options, but it’s like you know this whole section, scaring you of how your domain is going to get stolen, and so please, please give us more money. I’M just going to go with.

No thanks again, you have to start a free website, there’s probably some fine print somewhere of how much you’re going to be charged. When the you know the free trial is over, and then you have below this, you have. You know options for email which you’re going to see a lot of places. I’M gon na go to no thanks and then we go to continue to cart and didn’t. I say one year we’re back at two years ago: okay, no privacy protection, okay, so website builder, free trial, one month and so free through this, and so i don’t know if it’s going to auto renew or not.

If i don’t delete this, so i would probably get get rid of that and you can see 1199 year, one and then 1899 for the following year. So that gets me into the second option where we have been purchasing all of our domains. For the last couple of years, which is name cheap, so namecheap has really reasonable. Pricing who is guard is included. I’Ve had to contact their customer service, trying to connect landing page software or something else the chat.

I’Ve always had someone that’s been able to resolve my problem. I don’t have to wait long to be able to chat with someone, and so with that combination of hey i’ve been happy with the customer service. Good pricing we have basically all of our domains registered with namecheap right now, even the ones when i didn’t know what i was doing, i purchased from godaddy i transferred to namecheap over the last couple of years. One of the things that’s a little bit frustrating here. So you can see the dot-com is only 8.

8. So again this is the first year price. This is less than what we just saw for godaddy, but it’s not on all the pages clear, the renewal price, and so i can show you here, though, and it is reasonable if you go to domain name, search and then scroll down just a little bit. What you’re going to see is renews at 12.98, both of these prices quoted there’s.

Actually, this 18 cent fee on top of it. So it’s just a touch higher than these numbers right here, but if we go into, let’s go to jeffrey1234 search and you can see. Okay, the dot com 888, add to cart, and so you know, as you can see there, there are some upsells here, but it’s not quite in your face filling up the entire page. The other thing is here is some of these monthly options are actually that price. If you want to go month to month the issue with some hosting other stuff, they quote you this really low monthly price.

But if you pay for three years and the the actual month to month, price is five times higher. A namecheap is a good spot for not having to sign up for years and years for anything and still getting reasonable prices, and so what we can do now is we can. It was added to cart and then so i can go to checkout and so, as you can see here, 888 here’s the 18 cents that i was talking about so subtotal of 906 and it’s just over 13 per year for the renewals and then again you have Some of the additional options down here for email and hosting and vpn and different things like that. But you know, as i mentioned before, we’ve been happy with the customer service and the pricing that name cheap. That’S what we end up using if you’re interested in checking out any of the options we talk about today, i’ll put more information down below in the description.

If you use some of the links below there are our affiliate links, so we could earn a small commission, but at no extra cost to you with that said, let’s move on to option number three, so option. Number three is Somebody probably paid a lot of money for this domain name like godaddy with their marketing budget. This is not my favorite option, and so the thing is here so com.

9.99. Let’S look for jeffrey1234. What are we gon na see? So we can add it to cart, and so you can see it basically added here for two years and two years of privacy protection.

So two years is going to be. You know 20, let’s just go back to one, and so what you’ll see here very clearly is for the domain. It’S 10 bucks for the privacy protection, another nine. So if you want privacy protection, you’re going to be all in pain 19 for the first year, and so let’s go to continue one of the other things here is, i don’t see clearly on here the renewal price, and so if i were to go to proceed To billing, let’s see if it’s going to say anything so again here, i’m not seeing that, so it wasn’t really clear during the checkout process, seeing the renewal price for domain
Com, another thing that i said to look out for you can find the information, but it’s not very clear, and so if we go to com enter so we can see again first year 10, bucks and 14 for each additional year. So this is essentially the same price, or this is even more expensive than name cheap and doesn’t include any privacy protection domain.

om another really popular option, but, as you can see from the pricing you’re going to be spending much more here than namecheap so option number four Is so hover has fairly good pricing. They have a nice website. I’Ve heard good things about their customer service and other things. It’S almost the same pricing as name cheap, just slightly more expensive, but let’s just take a look at how everything works so same website that we were looking for before you can see 12.

9. I can add to the cart here waiting. Okay, now it’s in the cart! Let’S go check it out so one year 1299 you can see the whois privacy is free, they again charge 18 cents. For this i can’t feed the same thing as namecheap.

The one thing is a little bit strange is the five dollars per year for email forwarding. That’S something you can find free elsewhere: let’s see what happens if we change it to two years, and so you can see with this is that the price is slightly higher. So you know you end up with thirteen dollars and fifteen dollars for year two to get to this price, plus the 18 cents times two. Okay, so through a google search, i was able to find the page on as far as the registration like year.

One pricing, the renewals and also pricing for transfers. So that’s another thing: if you own a domain and want to transfer it, sometimes you get special pricing for that as well, and so what you can see here is what we just looked at the checkout page 12.
99 for year, one and 14.99 for the following years, not too bad whoisguard, is included so definitely cheaper than the ones where you have to passion for quizguard, but not quite as cheap as namecheap so option number five google domain. So you might not be aware about google also sells domains.

The thing is: they have fairly straightforward pricing as you’re gonna see in a second. So if we look for the same domain, jeffrey1234 search, what do we have? It is twelve dollars a year. So no special price in year – one, no, you know, guess on what it is in the future: every year same price and reasonable price, and so this is slightly cheaper than the renewal price for name cheap, but you’re not getting a deal on the first year. So maybe after a year, four or five you’re spending less with google domains than you did with namecheap, the nice thing with google domains is really easy to connect to different website.

Builders like wix weebly squarespace, where it takes a little bit more work with some of the other options. Some people say they don’t want to work with google, because everything that they do is google, so we have a youtube channel. We use google workspace for our email. I had a google pixel phone. Google is great, the pricing is good, but hey.

If you want something that is not google, there are other options that maybe cost you a little bit less money, but this is always an option available to you. So if you’re watching this video, i imagine you’re in the process of building a website. If that’s true, we have a couple of free resources that i think would really help you a lot, the first of which is a five day free course to help you build your website, so buying a domain which website builder, you use what content to include. What pictures to include how to get start with email marketing, all that is included in a free course. The second resource is a quiz to help you decide which website builder to use.

So there are a ton of options for website builders just like there are for purchasing domains and so depending on your business or personal brand, or what you’re looking to build with your website will help you decide which might be the best option if you’re interested in Either of these free resources, i’ll put links down below in the description okay, so here we are with option number six name silo, so i personally haven’t purchased any domains from name silo, but it is one of the cheaper options, and so, if you’re really looking to Save money: this is a good option for you. So if we go let’s just jeffrey1234 again and you can see the dot-com 899 and renewal 8.99, let’s add that to the cart and checkout. So here’s, where we’re going to the point where hearing some other people talk about this online is hey. The pricing is really good, but they’ve been trying to update their website, for i don’t know how long, and so you can see it’s not updated everywhere.

So the checkout page, i think some of the other things as you’re trying to you know, connect your domain to your website and do some other stuff. You have kind of a clunky older website if you’re looking to save money and maybe not work with um the most updated easy to use website. You can save some money with name silo, but for me to spend a couple dollars. Extra and use. Namecheap is probably what i would do compared to name silo: okay, so now moving on to the next option, which is pork bun?

Yes, pork bun, so you can see they have a cute pig logo, and this is one of the cheapest options. I saved this. For last, so let’s look at jeffrey1234 and, as you can see here, it is 7 59 for the first year and renews at 8, 58

So this is by far the cheapest option, we’ve seen from any of the other ones, and so, if we click on plus and then check out you’re going to see here so it includes who is privacy, a site builder, trial, web hosting trial, email forwarding, ssl certificate. So a bunch of stuff is included here for a really really low price. So, to be honest, i haven’t purchased any domains from this.

I actually came across this while doing research for this video. So it’s something that i plan on trying out. I’ve heard really good reviews from others. If you don’t end up buying a domain from pork bun, you should at least buy some of their merchandise. Let me show you what i mean.

So if you go to products and then pork bun merchandise, so i mean come on check out their mugs they’ve got some stickers hear them. So let’s go to the apparel, so you can see that accountants, the dot air force, dot, AI dot. Am that agency? Also, the stickers are kind of nice kind of similar as the t-shirts, so anyways. I’ve heard really good things about pork bun.

It’S something i’m gonna test out. If we start purchasing our domains from here, i will let you know, but again, we’ve been using namecheap for a couple of years now been super happy with it happy with the customer service for any of the different options i’ll put links down below. In the description you can check it out for yourself see what other people are saying, but you know this is one area where you can just buy it wherever you’re building your website, you’re gonna maybe spend a couple more dollars. It’Ll, probably work. Fine, save you a few headaches as far as having to connect things if you’re looking to save money check out some of the top options we talked about earlier today.

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